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Intellect Systems are specialists in the delivery of electrical, control systems, communications and industrial IT projects.

They came to us over a decade ago with a logo that they were happy with but without a brand.


We applied our typical brand process and worked with Intellect to define their brand strategy and positioning.

Our research concurred that the logo was fit for purpose and visually articulated their end-to-end service philosophy. We created the positioning statement “Intelligent Solutions” and crafted a themed brand platform which we applied to the full range of print, digital and marketing collateral.


Branding is all about creating or managing perception. We successfully elevated their position and brand above similarly sized competitors and clearly defined their value proposition.

Intellect Systems have realised growth and solidified their position through the highly cyclical WA market.

Intellect Systems - Logo
Intellect Systems - Pattern Development
Intellect Systems Interior Fitout
Intellect Systems - Colour palette - Cyan
Intellect Systems - Colour palette - Navy
Intellect Systems - Colour palette - White
Intellect Systems - Colour palette - Blue
Intellect Systems - Stationery Siute
Intellect Systems - Capability statement brochure covers
Intellect Systems - Capability statement brochure design
Intellect Systems - Capability statement brochure design
Intellect Systems - Website homepage design
Intellect Systems - Responsive Website
Intellect Systems - Office Signage