A brand inspired by the exclusive and picturesque seaside suburb of Killiney, Ireland – home to successful writers, musicians, sportsmen and diplomats with its patchwork emerald green hills rolling down to the blue waters edge.

It is an area rich in both heritage and contemporary success, inter-weaved through generations of families that have inspired others through the sharing of knowledge, experiences and values.

Killiney Group is a boutique firm specialising in strategy execution, and delivering operational improvements and change.

Axiom has looked to incorporate the vivid palette of the namesake and develop an abstract ‘K’ based loosely on a Tangram to represent the multifaceted / problem solving skill-set of the group, into a brand identity that is exclusive, dynamic and professional but at the same time still evoke a friendlier, personable and tailored response.

Killiney Group Logo
Killiney Group Corporate Collateral
Killiney Group Website
Killiney Group Website