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What we do

We design custom wayfinding signage solutions that help people identify, navigate and safely enjoy the places they visit.

Axiom Design Partners have designed wayfinding signage for a wide variety of clients and applications – from entire neighbourhoods to parklands and community spaces, from shopping centres, workplaces and hospitals, to galleries, museums and exhibition spaces. We have successfully designed, developed and implemented numerous small and large wayfinding signage solutions including – Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Kings Park & Botanic Garden, New Norcia Benedictine Community and Discovery Rottnest Island.

We partner and work with architects, property developers, builders, communities, local government, tourism organisations and individual business owners – to identify their needs, simplify the process and create unique and enduring signage solutions. Our main goal always is to clearly, simply and safely navigate people through natural and built environments with well designed wayfinding signage.

At Axiom we believe for wayfinding signage to be truly effective, it is essential that the signs are part of a comprehensive wayfinding strategy that is a considered and resolved response to a project or environment – not seen merely as an add-on or after thought. Our signage solutions are sympathetic to the location from an aesthetic and site relationship context and we understand that signs are not simply instrumental – they convey more than just objective information.

Our design capabilities extend to developing and integrating wayfinding signage with other complementary deliverables such as brand and identity development, printed collateral such as maps, guides and brochures, as well as website and mobile app solutions – all designed to simplify and enhance the visitor experience.

Wayfinding is not just signage – it’s a comprehensive wayfinding strategy and a carefully considered system of signs, maps, guides, apps and staff working in unison to help people understand their surroundings and create a better journey experience.

Case Study

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

Working in close partnership with the both the Architects and client, we developed a signage solution that would do justice to this landmark building. Inspired by materials and design cues used throughout the building, the elegant sculptural forms were created to be an extension of the building’s architecture.

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Case Study

Kings Park Wayfinding Signage

Kings Park & Botanic Garden is the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia. The total area of the Park is 406 hectares and just 1.5 km from the centre of Perth. We were responsible for implementing and managing an integrated suite of wayfinding, directional, event and authority signage throughout the park.

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Case Study

New Norcia Wayfinding Signage

New Norcia is Australia’s only monastic town, with the Monastery, where the monks live, work and pray, at its heart. The signage that has been installed to date has significantly enhanced the experience for visitors to New Norcia and importantly, blends harmoniously with the fabric of this historical town.

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