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What we do

Our Process

We have considerable experience in delivering complex projects to meet budget constraints within critical time frames. We are inherently aware of the processes and partnerships that are required to be in place in order to ensure successful outcomes. Every project adheres to our proven project processes, we simply scale up or down the stages based upon the size, complexity or scope.

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This is the ‘getting to know one another’ stage. It is where we work to establish mutual trust, we create the broad vision for the project so we all have clarity and a shared understanding where we are going and what is to be achieved.


Working with you to create the preliminary ‘road map’ for the project, initial meeting(s) to discuss and outline the project, we clarify the objectives and the key deliverables.

We will run through previous project case studies with you to illustrate our process and the outcomes, we may even discuss some initial broad ideas so the provisional estimate we provide in the next stage is as relevant as possible.

Provisional Project Estimate

Prepare a provisional project estimate for the Discover through to Develop Stages. We will also include indicative project budgets for key deliverables in future stages for budget approval.

Preliminary budgets are confirmed and approved and we are authorised to commence.

Brand Audit

We undertake a full physical audit of all existing brand collateral in use.

This gives us an insight of how it looks to ‘do business’ with the brand and what opportunities exist to improve upon the experience.

Audience & Competitors

Defining and understanding who we are talking to is critical to creating a targeted and relevant message.

Analysing  your competitors – who does it well, who does it poorly will assist in identifying both how we can differentiate and where we need to be positioned.

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Great brands create a connection, they know who they are and where they are going. They stand for something and importantly they have a compelling story to tell. We collaboratively work together during this phase to uncover your brands personality and key attributes, defining the brand brief that will guide us creatively in the subsequent stages.

Brand Architecture

Defining the structure in which the brand will be positioned. Is it a product or service brand, will it live under an established ‘umbrella’ brand from which it can leverage for example.

Brand Values

Defining what the brand stands for or believes in is integral. What will become the ‘non negotiables’ that guide the brand into the future.

Brand Personality

Uncovering the personality attributes of the brand. What are you and how will it feel to ‘do business’ with the brand.

Brand Positioning

A process to uncover exactly where your brand will ‘fit’ in the marketplace. Defining your key ‘point of difference’ that we can leverage from to make your offering different to that of your key competitors.

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We now know who you are, what you do and why it matters. We know who else does it, who we are talking to and importantly – how we are going to talk to them. We can now begin to apply that knowledge to the more tangible parts of the brand.

Concept Development

The ‘grey area’ where creativity and strategy combine. We now begin to craft the visual or ‘tangible’ expressions of the brand – the brandmark (logo), brand identity, colour palette and other elements that will become the visual language that identifies and differentiates your brand.

Conceptual Application

We apply the concepts to a range of key collateral so all key stakeholders can experience how it will feel to interact with the brand.


Following presentation of concepts we gather and collect feedback and refine the concept for approval in readiness for rollout.

Finalise Identity System

You have got a brand-spanking new brand, in this stage we lock away colours, fonts and materials, etc, setting the ‘rules’ so when we commence roll-out we stay ‘on brand’ and communicate with a consistent and cohesive voice.

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Getting our hands dirty. Up to now it’s been all highly creative, we now enter the ‘business end’ and boy have we got some work to do.

High Level Cost Estimates

We prepare accurate costings for all key collateral required – from stationery to signage and brochures to websites. We will identify opportunities to achieve economies of scale to inform the next stage which is Roll-out Planning.

Roll-out Planning

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

What is the total implementation budget, when do you need everything ready, just what do you need for launch and what can come later?

Style Guide

Protecting your brand. You’ve just spent a not inconsiderable amount creating your new brand and from the moment it is launched, people being people, will always want to ‘meddle’, a small change here and there and in no time you’ve lost the consistency and cohesion that was created.


The hard-yakka.

The brand is finalised, now every piece of collateral has to be finalised, proofed and produced in readiness for launch and all the while ensuring we don’t lose sight or dilute the core message in the process!

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Does it ever end? No of course not, you’re just getting started. You’ve now got a brand new baby and it’s time to introduce it to the world.

Launch Planning

Deciding when and how the new brand will be introduced to the market is exceptionally important. All collateral must be ready to go so you launch with both impact and consistency.


Introducing your brand to the world. The culmination of many months of work by a great number of people so naturally it is a fantastic excuse for a party!

Luckily, said party is also a superb marketing opportunity to build brand awareness and both inform and excite not only customers but to engage and inform staff as well.


Gather feedback from selected stakeholders and customers following the launch. Are there any insights that can be built upon or improved?

It is important to remember that even though you’ve just launched a new brand, they are organic and must always be able to continue to grow and evolve to ensure they remain relevant and memorable.

Brand Management

Maintaining the investment in creating the brand is as important if not more so than creating the brand.

Following the creation and launch on the new brand, the actual brand-building phase begins. It is integral to ensure that you have internal ‘brand champions’ who will partner with external providers, both of whom are versed and skilled in their understanding of the new identity and vision of the brand.

If you are ready to invent, reposition, renew or ignite you business or brand then you should be ready to talk to us.

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