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Our iPhone 4’s arrived!

By Latest News

Well, we’re super duper excited – our new iPhone 4’s arrived first thing Monday morning and we’ve not been able to put them down since. So far, so good, don’t believe the hype that happened in the US, the network that users in the US have to use (AT&T) is obviously just crap compared to ours – well maybe if you are with 3 or Optus you may be having some issues…

Get yours here.


By Latest News

We just couldn’t help ourselves – the Directors are now fully sync’d 24/7 with our new uber-sweet iPhone 3Gs.

The reason behind acquiring these essential, productivity enhancing, labour saving devices – is of course to stay connected to our clients and studio from any beach, bar or golf course in the world.

If by chance you have been stranded on a deserted island in the Pacific for the last couple of years and have no idea what we are drooling talking about – have a gander at the website.