Creating a brand that brings two hemispheres of capability into focus. Toric Technologies brings together specialist mining and oil & gas capability to provide innovative technology solutions to the resources industry.

Toric Technologies is a joint venture between True North Automation based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada specialising in oil & gas automation and Calibre Global’s Industrial Technology Division based in Perth, Western Australia specialising in mining, communications, materials handling, automation, rail systems and integrated operations.

We worked with key management to define the brand strategy, positioning and personality and were then requested to advise on possible brand names provided by internal stakeholders to see if there was anything ‘suitable’ – if not we would be further engaged to create the brand name as well.

Fortunately after evaluating and critiquing over two dozen names, putting them through our rigorous naming process, we identified a suitable candidate – ‘Toric’.

The logo is created by defining two separate parts of a sphere that represent the coming together to create a greater whole. The sphere also represents the global nature of the business and the two market locations it serves. It also pays a subtle homage to the toric lens.

Both the electric and ozone blue colours are the ‘technology’ colours that anchor the brand. The orange and burnt orange are also widely used colours in the technology sector and work with the blues to represent the cooler north and warmer south business locations.

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