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The Revegetation Industry Association of WA (RIAWA) provides a voice for the industry in terms of continued improvement of standards and accountability, environmental legislation and environmental sustainability. A NFP formed in 2003 by a collection of corporate, private, and government bodies to provide a voice for the industry in which they are all involved.

Axiom had partnered RIAWA back in 2009 to develop their website. Whilst this website had served them well for 12 years, both the content and the design of the website no longer adequately represented the organisation. Additionally, the backend functionality would not support the inclusion of a secure members-only section or a Seed Purity Database that the board wanted to deploy.


As part of our digital project process we compiled a robust functional specification and working wireframe of the proposed site prior to the design phase. This ensured that the functionality and navigation was as the stakeholder group intended and that there are no unwanted surprises that popped up in the delivery stage.

A solid foundation that can grow over time. We focussed on creating intuitive navigation underpinned by a solid framework that is scalable as content requirements become more complex. The website benefits from a proven, easy-to-use and highly scalable content management system paired with modern web design principles. We made the overall experience better for both front-end and back-end users.


We deployed a comprehensive new website platform for RIAWA with Events Management and Members Only Sections, complete with online application forms for new registrations and a public-facing Membership Directory. We also deployed an industry-first Seed Purity Database containing in excess of 1,000 entries to date.

The website has been very well received by both members and industry. The Seed Purity Database has added significant value to being a member of the association, by creating an easily accessible source of vital information for people in the industry.

You can visit the website here: