An opportunity to build a brand and profile for an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children with Autism.

LEARN is an independent provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) based therapy services for young children having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). LEARN was founded in 2008 initially helping 20 children and grew a capacity of close to 100 children.

We were introduced to the inspirational Mandy Mason and the extraordinary work her and her team were doing with the LEARN Foundation for Autism. After our introduction and a tour of the facilities we couldn’t help but want to offer our services in a pro-bono capacity to help the LEARN Foundation to build their profile, fundraise and secure corporate sponsorships so that they can continue to positively change the lives of even more children each year.

We developed a brand strategy and created a full brand identity and delivered it at no cost to LEARN. We then delivered a comprehensive new website at a 50% discount and developed communications and event planning and the created an integrated suite of marketing collateral including Sponsorship Prospectus, Newsletters, Banners and Signage at a substantially reduced cost.

Unfortunately, even though our work and the tireless work of staff and supporters did generate a significant increase in awareness, support and donations, it was not enough to pull the beleaguered foundation into financial sustainability and in late 2012 they went into administration.