Lazer Safe is a technology company founded in 1998 that specialises in the development and manufacture of control, safety and operator protection systems for press brakes and related sheet metal machinery.

More than 99% of their business is conducted outside of Australia so their online presence and market perception is critical to their continued success.


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Lazer Safe corporate tagline
Lazer Safe press brake guarding systems
Lazer Safe - optical safety systems
Lazer Safe - teal pattern
Lazer Safe - Sentinel pattern
Lazer Safe - Defender pattern
Lazer Safe - lime pattern


Lazer Safe’s vision was to be the global standard for safety and protection systems, they knew that they had the very best systems available as everything they built exceeded international standards, however, safety systems were not seen as exciting (and in some markets even necessary), though they knew their products offered many more benefits to performance and productivity than were being effectively communicated.

Axiom conducted an extensive brand review with key stakeholders that addressed their market position, vision, values and key touchpoints.

Lazer Safe - corporate stationery
Lazer Safe - Technology logos
Lazer Safe - Race Car Graphics


We created an entirely new value proposition that repositioned Lazer Safe as a performance and productivity technology offering which we believed offered more incentive and rational benefit than just being know as a safety product.

We created the tagline “Performance without compromise” as well as a unique series of graphic devices; a multi-tiered, configurable grid representative of a protective shield or image map. Pairing the grid with the energised colour palette creates a highly visual brand platform that communicates movement (productivity), precision, protection and the multi-faceted product offering of Lazer Safe.

We also wanted to create new awareness opportunities through focussing on their class leading technology. We created logos for all key technologies that facilitate Productivity / Performance / Protection (PPP) making the individual technologies recognisable and their association to Lazer Safe exclusive. These logos were made exclusively available to their top-tier OEM clients to include on their machinery as a clear marketing point-of-difference.

The brand refresh was then applied to the full range of print, digital and exhibition marketing collateral.

Lazer Safe - Brochure Suite
Lazer Safe - Brochure Design
Lazer Safe - Website Redesign


The repositioned brand was launched with impact at key industry and trade show events in Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA, further building their international profile and a sponsorship of F3 (now F2) driver Calan Williams further cemented their value proposition of performance without compromise.

Upon launching the repositioned brand they realised immediate results through contact with new customers and strengthened business relationships with their existing customer base. Lazer Safe are now recognised as the global industry leader in their field, the brand repositioning elevated their position and brand far beyond their competition.

Lazer Safe - Expo Booth Design

Axiom really took the time to understand our new business direction and researched our market, customers and competitors to help guide us through the branding process. The quality of their work and design was outstanding and what they have delivered has exceeded our expectations from concept and design to printed and digital assets.

As the global industry leader in our field, this process has further elevated our company position and brand far beyond our competition. More than 99% of our business is conducted outside of Australia so our online presence and market perception is critical to our continued success. Since launching our updated branding and website,  we have seen immediate results through contact with new customers and strengthened business relationships with our existing customer base.

Paul Sertis
Customer Solutions Manager, Lazer Safe