Juniper is an apartment and commercial development that has become a significant landmark for the Midland township.

Comprising 41 apartments and four retail shops, Juniper Apartments was the first apartment project completed in the Midland Redevelopment Authority’s Midland urban renewal project.

The development took its name from Juniper Gardens opposite and the logo design was inspired by the architectural style of the building. To juxtapose the formality of the logo – green and orange overlapping graphic panels (green for the hills and orange for the urban setting) were developed for all branding and marketing applications.

The project consisted of design and production of marketing and advertising material including – sales brochures, home plan inserts, press advertising, direct-mail and signage.

Sales of the apartments were strong, selling out prior to completion of construction.

Juniper Apartments Logo Design
Juniper Apartments Pattern Development - Green
Juniper Apartments Pattern Development - Orange
Juniper Apartments - Lifestyle
Juniper Apartments Brochure Cover
Juniper Apartments Brochure
Juniper Apartments Brochure
Juniper Apartments Site Illustration