For four decades, Hames Sharley has been at the forefront of its profession, delivering architecture, urban design, interior design, planning and landscape architecture.


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As part of our ongoing partnership we worked closely with Hames Sharley to create a comprehensive new website. The previous website was delivered as part of our rebranding project completed in 2009. This website is the first major deliverable of the wider brand collateral refresh that is currently underway.


Working collaboratively with the stakeholder group for over 12 months, we exhaustively planned content, structure, functionality and design. Full interactive wireframes were developed to ensure the highly complex site would function as expected. Our primary goal was to have a first impression of a highly visual design solution that was intuitive to navigate.

We wanted to create ‘layers’ of content that appealed to a variety of users – from those that just wanting to ‘skim’ through to those that really want to delve deep into the site so they would be rewarded by uncovering a large volume of relevant content.

Ensuring the user experience was maximised no matter how the website was being browsed was also a high priority – with responsive design principles incorporated to ‘optimise’ the website for smart phones and tablets.

The website is built on a robust content management system which enables easy updating to ensure the content remains current.


A steady stream of new content and as the client’s marketing strategy has changed has meant we have been able to continually adapt the website to meet Hames Sharley’s requirements. The homepage has evolved from featuring static images of their projects, to showcasing their new and knowledge sharing articles, to featuring full screen video.

Accompanied by a robust content and SEO strategy, the Hames Sharley website has year-on-year increased the number of people visiting the website. The number of monthly sessions has more than tripled since we launched the new site.

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