Engineering a better user experience.


Calibre Consulting required an improved web presence – one that accurately represented the organisation both from a brand point and as a leading solutions-oriented provider. In this respect their previous website was seen to be “dated” and not suited to the demands of the modern user or available technologies. It was also acknowledged that the site did not appeal to a wide audience, was not very user-friendly and content management of the site was cumbersome, contributing to infrequent information updates.  All of which contributed to a poor user experience.


The objective for the Calibre Consulting website was two-fold; firstly address the overall design of the site to bring it in-line with the Calibre brand and modern web design principles, making it more appealing and intuitive to navigate for front-end users and secondly; implement a more flexible, robust and feature-rich Content Management System allowing quicker updates and the ability to harness wider technologies such as Geo-specific content, SEO improvements, etc.


Following an in-depth Discovery Phase with all relevant stakeholders that clearly addressed and documented the website needs and parameters – Axiom were able to deliver the new user-friendly Calibre Consulting website on-time and on-budget. With the successful launch of the website and positive feedback from both customers and stakeholders – we were commissioned by the parent company to review the digital strategy for the entire Calibre Group.

Calibre Consulting website homepage mockup
Calibre Consulting website homepage carousel slides
Calibre Consulting website responsive design mockups
Calibre Consulting website projects page mockup
Calibre Consulting website internal page mockup
Calibre Consulting website careers page mockup
Calibre Consulting website internal page layout