Commissioned by the builders to design “an interpretive mural” to be displayed in the foyer of 100 St Georges Terrace. Our solution is both an interpretive sign and art piece that captures the history of the site on which 100 St Georges Terrace and enex100 sits.

The timeless 12 metre wide installation is the culmination of a close working partnership between Axiom, the buildings architect, builder and the consultant heritage architect.

A montage of heritage photographs was painstakingly sourced from the Battye Library collection and arranged in an abstracted 100 year timeline. The images were overlaid with filigree patterns, textures and interpretive text inspired by old banknotes – a reference to the many financial institutions that have occupied the site.

A small interpretive installation was also included that further explains the sites history in more detail adding more context to the mural above.

The final design consisting of 8 individual 4 metre high x 1.5 metre wide glass panels were produced by DigiGlass in Melbourne and then shipped back to Perth for installation.

Mural at Enex 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Mural at Enex 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth