Seeking mythical, hyper skilled candidate for fantastic opportunity!

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The amount of job ads I’m seeing lately worded similarly to;

A fantastic opportunity for a Marketing ‘xxxx’ exists! We’re looking for somebody to join our team that is a creative yet strategic thinker with great design and branding skills, who is an accomplished and creative copywriter and content marketer. They will of course have proven experience in web design and programming and also be gun at Google Adwords, SEO and lead generation……

Well, hate to be the negative Nancy here, but in my 20+ years experience, I’ve not once come across an individual as accomplished as this — and if I had, they’d work for me and I’d be paying them very, very large $$ to stay, heck, I’d happily even give them equity because they’d have more skills than me!

In my opinion, these candidates simply don’t exist because it would be nigh on impossible to truly excel at all these different skillsets. Sure, you can know a bit about each but at the end of the day it is important that people understand that they are all unique (yet complementary) disciplines.

Marketing = Marketer.

Strategic Thinker + Branding skills = Brand Strategist.

Design skills = Graphic Designer.

Copywriting skills = Copywriter.

Web Design = Web Designer.

Programming = Programmer.

Adwords / SEO / Lead Generation = Adwords Specialist / Search Specialist / On-line Marketer.

But don’t despair just yet job advertisers — it is completely possible to find people that really do excel at all of these skills and you can easily access them all at one convenient place — any competent creative agency. We have fantastically skilled people, that work collaboratively, putting their unique skillsets together each day to the benefit of each and every client.

I do understand the appeal of insourcing, and if done well I’m sure it could offer some benefits, but I do think it is important that if you are seeking to grow your in-house capabilities, then you should understand the disciplines, so you can then hire the right person for the right job.

BTW — if you are this mythical, hyper skilled candidate, contact me immediately, do I have an offer for you!

brand building get noticed dots

Brand building in the digital realm

By | Design Talk

Everybody now knows the term disruption, however it is no longer just a buzzword but a new reality for most businesses actively brand building and positioning themselves in today’s economy. You need to make sure your business is the disruptor and not the disrupted!

The digital landscape is moving at an unprecedented pace, as is our behaviour. We are communicating and transacting in many different ways, and much is done digitally. With so much content available to us and so much noise to cut through — how does brand building help a business compete in the digital realm?

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How to market your online business

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Starting an online business is always the fun part: Coming up with an idea, building an online store, and imagining all the things the business will become once it takes off. But without marketing knowledge, driving traffic and making sales can become an entrepreneur’s biggest hurdle on the road to success.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: a course on how to get your first sale on Shopify!

The super helpful folks at Shopify have put together this free video course offering 20 video modules showing you how to make your first sale on Shopify using Facebook Ads. Covering everything from brand differentiation to pixel placement to campaign optimization, this course is designed to show you how easy it is to start and scale your business with Shopify.

Find out more information about Shopify here

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Axiom welcome Stirling Capital

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We are pleased to announce we recently welcomed Stirling Capital (www.stirlingcapital.com.au) to Axiom, details of our engagement will follow when appropriate.

Stirling Capital is a private boutique investment and development group specialising in high-quality urban infill and social infrastructure projects. They have managed more than $600 million of investments since their inception in 2005. Each project has a distinct character, and is underpinned by their commitment to delivering quality, sustainable, and unique developments.

We are looking forward to working with them.

Axiom welcome CSA Global

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We are pleased to announce we recently welcomed CSA Global (www.csaglobal.com) to Axiom, details of our engagement will follow when appropriate. CSA Global is a privately-owned mining consulting company that provides trusted technical and expert services, training and independent corporate advice for over 30 years to public and private mining companies, financial and legal groups. With offices in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom, their team of geologists, engineers, mining consultants and data specialists are some of the most experienced and sought after professionals across the mining industry.

We are looking forward to working with them.

Axiom welcome Douglas Partners

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We are pleased to announce we recently welcomed Douglas Partners (http://www.douglaspartners.com.au) to Axiom, details of our engagement will follow when appropriate.
Douglas Partners are an Australian engineering consultancy specialising in the fields of geotechnic engineering, environmental engineering and groundwater engineering.  They are engaged primarily to manage the geotechnical and environmental risks associated with their clients projects. Douglas Partners have over 50 years of experience and have completed in excess of 100,000 projects.

Douglas Partners has over 450 staff including Geotechnical, Environmental, and Groundwater engineers and scientists throughout Australia with regional offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth and branch offices in Geelong, Cairns, Macarthur, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Central Coast.

We are looking forward to working with them.

Salvado Cafe Signwriting

Traditional Signwriting Craft is Alive and Well

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We’ve brought some ‘old skool’ signwriting craft back on a job for our client New Norcia. When our project screamed for authenticity, where only traditional signwriting techniques would work, we turned to our talented partners Total Sign Co who’s skilled craftsmen meticulously hand painted signage over 10 metres of awning for the new Salvado Cafe.

Axiom welcome Lakeside Success Land Estate

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We are pleased to announce we recently welcomed the developers of Lakeside Success Private Estate to Axiom. Launched in 2013, Lakeside is a residential estate located in Success, Western Australia, just 30 minutes south of the Perth CBD. This ideally located property development offers a choice of nearly 350 home lots, including boutique multi-unit sites, the estate has a particular appeal to first and second home buyers.

We’ve been tasked with revitalising the Lakeside project brand and all associated digital and marketing collateral to assist in stimulating buyer interest and enquiries in a softening Western Australian property market.

We’re looking forward to working with them.


UPDATE: Look what we’ve done for them: http://www.axiomdp.com.au/portfolio/lakeside-success/

Axiom welcome Edge Builders WA

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We are pleased to announce we recently welcomed Edge Builders WA (www.edgebuilderswa.com.au) to Axiom, we will be working with them across a variety of strategic marketing initiatives as well as delivering a dynamic new website.

Edge Builders believe every home should be crafted to reflect and interpret the individual lifestyle of its owners. They understand that your home is not only your sanctuary but is an expression of your personality. They respect that each and every build is unique and customise the services provided to satisfy each customer’s own unique requirements.

We’re looking forward to working with them.


Update: View our work: http://www.axiomdp.com.au/portfolio/edge-builders-website/