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Getting the right name and the name right.

By Knowledge, Our Work

You may have seen the TV ad where father-to-be Mr Murray is considering naming his newborn son – Callum – that’s right Callum Murray. Yeah-nah!

See the advert for yourself here:

Thankfully most parents spend a considerable amount of time researching, checking, debating, writing, spelling, saying, abbreviating and generally test-driving many, many different monikers well before their child is born. If only that much time and effort was used in naming a business. Sadly, so much of that instinctive naming process we go through for our offspring falls by the wayside when naming a business venture.

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Brand building in the digital realm

By Knowledge

Everybody now knows the term disruption, however it is no longer just a buzzword but a new reality for most businesses actively brand building and positioning themselves in today’s economy. You need to make sure your business is the disruptor and not the disrupted!

The digital landscape is moving at an unprecedented pace, as is our behaviour. We are communicating and transacting in many different ways, and much is done digitally. With so much content available to us and so much noise to cut through — how does brand building help a business compete in the digital realm?

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