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Less hustle, more bustle.

Less hustle, more bustle.

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Clearly I’m getting old, there is a buzzword that many of today’s youth use to describe their daily modus-operandi. This word grated with me the first time I heard it and has continued to as its use increased – that word is ‘hustling’.

I would surmise the term most probably entered the vernacular via some hoodie wearing ‘guru’ at an overpriced ‘how to be an entrepreneur’ seminar. I understand the implied modern context being: To have the courage, confidence, self belief, and self-determination to continually work at, and to explore any and all opportunities to achieve what you want in life. Though more traditionally us ‘older folks’ tend to understand the term to mean you were a fraudster or con-artist.

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Rare As Rocking Horse S**t

Seeking mythical, hyper skilled candidate for fantastic opportunity!

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The amount of job ads I’m seeing lately worded similarly to;

A fantastic opportunity for a Marketing ‘xxxx’ exists! We’re looking for somebody to join our team that is a creative yet strategic thinker with great design and branding skills, who is an accomplished and creative copywriter and content marketer. They will of course have proven experience in web design and programming and also be gun at Google Adwords, SEO and lead generation……

Well, hate to be the negative Nancy here, but in my 20+ years experience, I’ve not once come across an individual as accomplished as this — and if I had, they’d work for me and I’d be paying them very, very large $$ to stay, heck, I’d happily even give them equity because they’d have more skills than me!

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The Axiom and Glenfield Alliance

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Axiom Design Partners have formed an alliance with Glenfield Digital Group to further strengthen our offering in the digital space.

“It is very pleasing to be partnering with Axiom as they share our values and commitment to customers. Having successfully launched websites for the Calibre Group and Lazersafe our teams are working closely on a number of exciting creative pursuits marrying digital integration with brand management and design” stated Richard Sojka, Managing Director of Glenfield Digital.

“Glenfield are digital integrators with a “content anywhere” philosophy. Their expertise lies in seamlessly sharing content and interactions across desktop, mobile and wearables via websites, apps and other unique digital mediums. They help us to marry cutting-edge technology with real-world practical uses thereby delivering memorable experiences to the benefit of each of our clients.” said Ben Hames, Director of Axiom Design Partners.

Media Contacts

Richard Sojka
Glenfield Digital Group

Ben Hames
Axiom Design Partners

Welcome new recruit Erin.

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We are exited to welcome star new recruit Erin Steenson to the Axiom family.

Graduating Central Tafe in 2007 and taking home the Graduate Exhibition Best Portfolio Award, Erin is a talented designer and illustrator with particular experience in the implementation and management of brand consistency across printed, signage and interactive design for large multinationals.

But most importantly, Erin loves to bake, not only did this talent prove to be a genius strategic move in her interview; CMYK coloured cupcakes were the perfect accompaniment to her portfolio, and delicious ginger bread cookies were distributed throughout the studio on her first day at Axiom!

Say hi next time you are in the studio or should she answer the phone, please make her feel welcome.

Welcome new recruit Alistair

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We are happy to welcome new recruit Alistair Mclean to Axiom. Graduating Central Tafe in 2006 and bagging the Graphic Design Award to boot, Alistair is a talented designer with particular experience in corporate branding – a rather good fit you may say for Axiom!

Please welcome him by saying hello next time you are in or when he answers the phone.

New recruit at Axiom.

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A tad overdue (he’s been here nearly 4 months!), but we’d like to formally welcome and announce that Axiom has a new recruit in the form of graduate graphic designer Angus Daley.

Angus graduated from Central Institute of Technology in 2011 with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. We’re sure Angus will bring a fresh perspective to every project he works on at Axiom and we are currently enjoying watching him come to grips with being thrust into the proverbial deep-end of a very busy start to 2012 at Axiom.

Welcome Angus!

Axiom kitted out with iPad 2’s!

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You’d think with all the hype that surrounded their launch I would have remembered to blog about this sooner! I forgot to mention that we picked up our reserved iPad 2’s back at the start of April, oh and yeah, they’re awesome!

Now at almost every meeting we spend the first 10 minutes answering questions about it and showing it off to clients. How many people with another brand tablet pc can say that? Apple just own cool.

Go on, go and get yours here.

Welcome 2011.

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Wow, well this year has certainly kicked off at the same cracking pace at which 2010 came to a close!

We had an unprecedentedly manic end to 2010, but fortunately managed to deliver upon all our promises and in the process continued to build upon relationships with our stable of existing clients.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been fortunate enough to secure several new business wins welcoming some notable new clients to Axiom. The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority and Fremantle Prison have both opted to extend our contracts with them so we’re looking forward to continuing the relationship with these two iconic Perth tourism destinations. Our resource sector clients and property sector clients have also certainly ramped up their operations riding high on the Western Australian Mining Boom Version 2.0.

It looks like 2011 is going to be all about managing our growth whilst maintaining and delivering the quality outcomes for which we are renowned. What a great time to be in business!

Our iPhone 4’s arrived!

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Well, we’re super duper excited – our new iPhone 4’s arrived first thing Monday morning and we’ve not been able to put them down since. So far, so good, don’t believe the hype that happened in the US, the network that users in the US have to use (AT&T) is obviously just crap compared to ours – well maybe if you are with 3 or Optus you may be having some issues…

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