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Getting the right name and the name right.

By Knowledge, Our Work

You may have seen the TV ad where father-to-be Mr Murray is considering naming his newborn son – Callum – that’s right Callum Murray. Yeah-nah!

See the advert for yourself here:

Thankfully most parents spend a considerable amount of time researching, checking, debating, writing, spelling, saying, abbreviating and generally test-driving many, many different monikers well before their child is born. If only that much time and effort was used in naming a business. Sadly, so much of that instinctive naming process we go through for our offspring falls by the wayside when naming a business venture.

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New Addition to the Axiom Family

By Latest News

It’s just gone nine months since Ben (our Design Director) and his wife Chellé found out they would be doing their bit to help propagate the species. We are happy to report they have produced their finest creation yet, a beautiful little bundle of joy by the name of Amelia.

Amelia came into the world on the 27th of August. Mother and baby are doing well, father is getting used to the idea of long-term sleep deprivation.

Oh the irony.

By Opinion

Here’s a little snippet from an article on the BBC news website – part of the Changing Cityscapes series and this time focussing on architecture and town planning in Manchester.

“In fact, if it isn’t iconic or iconic-in-the-making, then it probably won’t get passed by the Planning Department.”

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Axiom welcome AIM / UWA Business School Alliance

By Latest News

The AIM-UWA Business School Alliance is an executive development alliance between the Australian Institute of Management Western Australia (AIMWA) and the University of Western Australia Business School.

Based in Perth, and servicing clients in Western Australia and internationally, the Alliance brings the intellectual depth of one of Australia’s leading business schools together with the applied focus of Western Australia’s foremost learning and development institute.

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