Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary creative agency that will help you create a compelling engagement between your customer and your brand.

Established in Perth, our origins date back to 1991, we have a proud history of creating internationally recognised work for a diverse group of clients.

An axiom is defined as a self-evident truth upon which all other knowledge must rest; it is the foundation from which other knowledge is built.

Our studio is built upon this premise, we always begin by asking ‘why’ first, we can then establish the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Brand is at the heart of every project we undertake. Understanding our clients current positioning and strategy underpins every decision we make no matter the type of project for which we are being engaged. We understand that every project is another opportunity to create and build a lasting connection with a customer.

We know collaboration is key to success, so we’ve purposely structured our agency to allow each client direct access to the creatives actually working on their project. We’re not big believers in Account Managers and have found that our ‘hands-on’ approach ensures clearer communication of ideas between client and creative. This client/creative working relationship also facilitates a deeper understanding of our clients’ business, which of course translates into more effective communication solutions and fosters long-standing, mutually respected partnerships.

We place a particular emphasis on creating a brand strategy; it defines what a brand will stand for, what is the core idea behind the company or its service offering, it defines who you are, and how you will talk to your customers. Our process will help you to think like a customer, to put yourself in their shoes, and be able to evaluate what you’re doing from the outside in.

We ask questions, a lot of questions. We take the time to understand your business, to identify opportunities, strengths, markets and competitors. We are creative thinkers, we will add a valuable new perspective to your business, bringing new insights into your business, your audience, your market and your competitors.

Brand story. Craft a simple, authentic brand story so that everyone else will tell it for you.

Our Culture and Values

It’s well known that innovation and creativity are directly affected by a company’s culture and environment.

We’ve worked hard to create a standout culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration where we encourage and actively promote a ‘big picture’ thinking – our people benefit, our company benefits and ultimately our clients benefit.

We believe in openness and transparency. We operate with integrity underpinning all of our actions and we expect the same from both our clients and suppliers in return. We do not work with clients or industries we feel operate in, or offer questionable / unethical products or services. After all branding is all about perception, we would much rather use our powers for good – yes we need to make a profit, but we also need to be able to sleep at night too.

Our culture fosters independence, autonomy and accountability but above all we believe in authenticity. This informs not only our work but also how we do business. So should we make a mistake (after all, we are human), we will own it and we will fix it. We also believe that to be successful you must work hard, but also have fun. After all, we all spend most of our lives working, so why not create an environment where everyone actually wants to be.

We understand how lucky we are to do what it is we do. We could not do it without each other and we couldn’t keep doing it without the clients who entrust us with their brands.

Fancy a career with us?

Clients we’ve worked with

For over two decades we’ve been fortunate to have partnered with both class-leading established brands and emerging new game changers.

Key People

At the core of Axiom are our Design Directors – a balanced blend of strategic and creative minds.

Benjamin Hames - Design Director, Founding Partner of Axiom Design Partners

Benjamin Hames

Design Director, Founding Partner

After initially cutting his teeth as a ‘creative’ in a couple of ad agencies (anyone remember the ‘Dave’ TV commercials for Aqua Technics? Anybody!?!) being in his early twenties, he was both arrogant and ignorant enough to of course believe that he could do it better, after all, why work for somebody else who gets to claim all the glory (and the free lunches).

Not entirely ethical (but hey, advertising agencies were never very good at teaching ethics, especially in the 90’s). Taking a punt, he quit agency-land and did what was the ’norm’ in the day and invited an unhappy agency client out for breakfast and pitched the old chestnut that “he could do it better than a large agency as his ’new agency’ would be smaller, nimbler and more accountable”. Boom! It worked and he had his very first client and of course absolutely no idea how to run a business….but as they say you either sink or swim and he learned to swim…. fast.

Two decades have since passed, so he must have been onto something! He ran the successful design practice Charrette Design from 1997 to 2005 then merging with Sean Elsegood Design (SED) to form Axiom Design Partners.

Ben leverages a deep understanding of branding and business strategy paired with an almost unnatural ability to instantly decipher and distill complex information into a cohesive manageable context to the benefit of every project.

Sean Elsegood - Design Director, Founding Partner of Axiom Design Partners

Sean Elsegood

Design Director, Founding Partner

Sean commenced his career working for a design practice who were pioneers of technology in design and where he actually ‘taught’ many of the ‘old-school’ designers in Perth how to drive these new-fangled Macintosh’s (that will never catch on as a design tool!)

A respected member of the design community, widely recognised for both his design and production expertise, Sean has over two decades experience in brand focused design and marketing. He has worked in both Senior Designer and Creative Director capacities for a number of prominent advertising agencies and design studios, including managing his own successful firm Sean Elsegood Design from 1991 to 2005.

With particular experience in large-scale government and institutional projects, Sean commands an impressive understanding of the complexities involved in managing successful outcomes for large projects.

Sean’s exceptional depth of experience, knowledge and attention to detail across the full compliment of design disciplines is invaluable to each and every project.

Carl Manson - Senior Designer at Axiom Design Partners

Carl Manson

Senior Designer

Carl commenced his design career as a design graduate at Charrette Design, after an impressive display of tenacity in which he orchestrated a concerted campaign of telephone and email harassment for an internship or job or indeed any opportunity. After a month, we finally relented and granted him an internship. His attitude and abilities soon cemented him as a valued (and permanent) addition to the team.

Not content with just being an accomplished graphic designer, Carl is also our resident technophile. He is the illusive ‘holy grail’ of designers – he can design, he can code and he can communicate!

Carl directly supports the Design Directors and is the backbone of the studio. His personable nature, organisational and design skills combined with wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary project experience are an invaluable asset.

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