Lazer Safe is a technology company founded in 1998 that specialises in the development and manufacture of control, safety and operator protection systems for press brakes and related sheet metal machinery.

Axiom conducted an extensive brand review with key stakeholders that addressed their market position, values and key touchpoints. The resultant brand brief saw Axiom reposition Lazer Safe as a ‘performance’ and ‘productivity’ technology offering rather than just a ‘safety’ product.

A unique graphic device has been developed; a multi-tiered, configurable grid representative of a ‘protective shield’ or ‘image map’. Pairing the grid with the energised colour palette creates a visual platform that communicates movement (productivity), precision, protection and the multi-faceted product offering of Lazer Safe.

We also wanted to create opportunities by focussing on their class leading technology. We created logos for all key technologies that facilitate Productivity / Performance / Protection (PPP) making the individual technologies recognisable and their association to Lazer Safe exclusive.

The brand refresh was then applied to the full range of print, digital and exhibition marketing collateral.